Real or Rollback?


2002 Cadillac Eldorado ESC - Coach Builders Edition Convertible

VIN 1G6EL12Y92B101361

This car was for sale at LaRiche Cadillac in April 2022.

The dealer posted an AutoCheck report that shows one owner and no problems (it also shows very few odometer readings)

I was in the process of purchasing this car and I ran a Carfax because I have been screwed by incorrect AutoCheck reports. When I ran the Carfax, it shows 2 owner and a possible odometer rollback.

According to Carfax.

Car was sold to the first owner on 1/26/2002. This very well could have been the dealer buying the car to get all the incentives from GM. This happened a lot with cars in the last years. Reattas, Allantes, Eldorado, Trofeos, XLR. GM has a history of putting on some real crap in the beginning of the series. The refine it over the years and finally gets to a great car, but by that time, they have already pissed off their buyer base and nobody wanted to by them. I currently own a last year of every one of the cars I mentioned.

Carfax Events for VIN 1G6EL12Y92B101361

1/26/2002 - First Owner

10/11/2002 - Second Owner - 2700 miles (Two Owner not One owner as dealer stated)

03/31/2003 - Dealer Service Event 6315 miles (avg 1052 miles per month)

01/05/2005 - Service Event 17,237 miles (avg 718 miles per month)

Several dealer in OH service events in 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010 but no mileage recorded. Previous Owner stated car spent most of the time in FL.

How do you get service events in Ohio if the car is in Florida? There are no records stating the car has even been in Florida

09/14/2011 - Dealer Service Event 19,247 miles (avg 216 miles per month)

05/14/2012 - Dealer Service Eveny 50,139 ... Now this is interesting. because if the mileage here is correct the car would average 418 per month

NO service events until 10/06/2015

05/11/2016 - Dealer Service Event 70,572... Avg miles of 405 per month if this is correct. Second recording of supposed incorrect milage. If you are to believe the original owner, mileage is actually somewhere around 30k, then it would avg 172 a month.

08/08/2017 - Dealer Service Event 29,405 This is where the rollback starts. So, according to this, the car would be averaging 156 miles per month.

11/03/2017 - Dealer Service Event 29,889

05/17/2019 - Dealer Service Event 30,829

07/10/2020 - Dealer Service Event 31,914

11/25/2020 - Dealer Service Event 32,673 - This is the last recorded service.

The dealer listed the car for sale with a mileage of 32,673. Which means the car must have never been driven in the 17 months prior to putting the car up for sale.

NOW.. Lets do some math. If we assume the last actual mileage recorded was in 2011 at 19,247 and it sold in 2022 with 32,673 on it, that means that only 136 miles a year was put on the car on average.

But if the 50,139 event is correct, then the car would actually have about 75,000 miles on it. Which would be about 313 miles a year.And by looking at the seat wear and other wear, I would believe that.

Now, don't get me wrong, 75,000 miles a year on a 20 year old Cadillac is still good, but with the odometer rollback on the carfax, it makes it less of a car for a collector and more for a driver. I would have still bough the car, but I wanted to buy it as a 75,000 mile car not 32,000 car price. About $1,200 difference.

The dealer claims the tires were the original 20 year old Goodyear tires but never provided any actual tire date codes to me. The salesman also told me the tires rated a 7/10 on their sales inspection of the car. Anyone that has ever owned Goodyear RS tires know that if they had 32k miles on them, they would be showing signs of cracking and would have significant tire wear. Probably less than 3/32 of tread left.

So no service records could be produced that show stated miles on the service events that have no mileage record. No oil changes, tire rotation, etc.

There was just a lot of unknown questions about this car

Can this be removed from the Carfax report? Sure it can. Just those two events with miles need to be removed. Especially if it lands in the hands of a Carfax gold or platinum dealer. These dealers pay money to belong to Carfax. So let this page serve as a reminder to the possible odometer rollback (40k+ miles) history in case it ever gets removed. If you want to see the Carfax or the AutoCheck report email